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National Guild of Professional Paperhangers #12719

Contracting and New Jersey Law

Are contractors required to have workers compensation insurance? 
Yes, if they employ others.

How can I verify if a contractor has liability insurance? 
Ask to see the contractors "Certificate of Insurance" or contact the contractor's insurance agent.

How can I verify if a contractor has workers compensation insurance? 
Ask to see the contractor's "Certificate of Insurance" or contact the contractor's insurance agent. 

If I have a homeowners insurance policy, won't this cover liability in the event of property damage or a worker's injury? 
Yes, but the claim would be against your policy first. If the contractor is insured, the contractor's insurance is the primary coverage or provider

Note the care taken to properly protect hardwood floors and stained woodwork.

Is Safe and Simple a business with offices and facilities? 

Yes. It is a family owned business with a fully trained staff. Headquarters in Pasadena California with offices 
located throughout Southern CA, Atlantic City, Cleveland, and New York City.

What do I have to do to get ready for a Safe and Simple removal? 

Move small and irreplaceable items. Disconnect computers. Expect great service.
Does Safe and Simple use toxic products? 

No. Safe and Simple removal solution is biodegradable, nontoxic & odorless. Safe for people and pets.

What work does Safe and Simple include? 

Furniture moving, window treatment removal & reinstallation, floor covering protection, cabinetry protection, wallpaper removal, wallpaper adhesive removal, wall washing, and trash removal.

How will Safe and Simple leave my walls when done? 

We are limited by the existing installation. If the wallpaper was installed with the correct adhesive on properly primed and prepared walls, the walls will be free of glue and ready for the next tradesman.


What forms of payment does Safe and Simple accept? 

Cash, personal checks, business checks, Master Card and Visa.

What are Safe and Simple's credit terms? 

Payment in full upon completion.

Common Questions

Does Safe and Simple have liability insurance and who is their carrier?

Yes, in the amount of $3 million. Our agent is Glenn Insurance.
Does Safe and Simple have workers compensation Insurance and who is their carrier? 

Yes, in the amount of $1 million. Contact Glenn Insurance (609) 641-3000.

Phil Reinhard teaching wallpaper removal at N.G.P.P. Seminars

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