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Here is what some of the people who used our products and services are saying:


"My foreman reported that your 603 was great.  Your product only required one soaking."  Pete Siegrist ProPainters Virginia Beach VA


"603 is a very good product indeed" Norman Muenier C.P. (paperhanger) San Francisco CA


"use Safe & Simple, there is no other" Steven Racewicz (painter) Wadena MN


"my husband & I love your 603" Kala Dean (homeowner) Little Rock AR


"603 takes the drudgery out of the removal process!  Even over unprimed drywall with V.O.V., and Elmer's glue." Clyde Morron C.P. (paperhanger) Temple TX


"Safe & Simple is an excellent product" John Little (paperhanger) Kennesaw GA


"603 & 826 are phenomenal!"  Laurretta Jenkins (paperhanger) Los Gatos CA


"I am working with Safe & Simple from now on" Skip Stavros (Top Coat Painting) Jamaica Plain MA


"603 worked very well" Jennifer Mattingly (homeowner) Arlington VA


"beats all products in my 45 years experience" Paul Gartland C.P. (paperhanger) Peabody MA


"your products are wonderful"  Debbie Durham (paperhanger)  Milwaukee WI


"603 worked great on a 100 roll removal job" Chuck Rader (painter) Louisville KY


"made the most profit today in the 20 years I have been in business doing removal with Safe & Simple's 603"  David Kohler (paperhanger) Bethelem PA


"I have been truly WOW'ed" Fred Zier (Zier Painting & Decorating) Amityville NY


"603 did a great job saving countless hours"  Janice McLaughlin (On the Wall) Roanoke VA


"Safe & Simple wins hands down" Cheryl Mario (paperhanger) Plainwell MI


"603" made the removal Safe & Simple" Kjell Ericksen (paperhanger) North East PA


"603 made it easier & definitely did the job" Flora Whelan (homeowner) Bowling Green KY


"The best remover I've ever tried"  Clyde Morron C.P. (paperhanger) Temple TX


"the answer is to use Safe & Simple"  Lisa Presley (Lisa's Wall Covering Installations) Leveland TX


"Yours is the best remover we've ever tried.  My guys won't let me use up the DIF I have in inventory so guess I'll try to take it back!"  Pete Siegrist ProPainters Virginia Beach VA


"I pulled off the entire sheet with 603" Sharon's Professional Wallpapering Tucson AZ

"I used the 603 and it was terrific.  The paper pulled off in full sheets."

 Debby Athearn (paperhanger) West Tisbury MD


"today, Safe & Simple is the most exciting thing in our industry"

 Pat Paschang (Patricia Marie & Co.) Mission Viejo CA


"your removal solutions worked great."  Libbie Simonton C.P. (Beautiful Walls) Dallas TX

"I will recommend your product to my friends" Tara Quillen (homeowner) Commack NY


"one soaking, it came right off . . . Great stuff ." Dave & Martha Goddard (paper hanger) Pegram TN


"603 worked like a charm!"  Bookie Westbrook (Interior Designer) Crozet VA


"Safe & Simple is not expensive and works very well"  Bill Flather (painter) Middleburg PA


"used 603 with very good results.  I  have used DIF in the past but the 603 worked just as well at a THIRD the cost.  You can't beat that."  CK Nelson (paperhanger) Hagerstown MD


"We're hooked" Cliff Hayes (Best Paperhanging Co.) Freehold NJ


"removed residential vinyl installed with VOV over unprimed drywall with 826.  The wall covering came off with NO damage to the substrate."  Clyde Morron C.P. (paperhanger) Temple TX


"your remover is the best" Carla Eisenhart (The Wallpaper Lady) Wellford SC


"As a person sensitive to fumes and odors, I especially liked your product"

Gretchen Tiger (paperhanger) Cincinnati OH


"Anyone NOT using Michael Zekich's paper stripping solutions is spending WAY too much time on labor and material costs."   CK Nelson (paperhanger) Hagerstown MD


" my mainstay for removal  . . . hands down."  Clyde Morron C.P. (paperhanger) Temple TX


"I tried the 603  with excellent results.  I am going t be a Safe and Simple regular."  

Walter Green (paperhanger) Atlanta GA


"I gave your products a thorough trial today.  Some yahoo used VOV.  It took less time than using DIF.   I never had to use a respirator and had no problem breathing.  Consider me a user of your product, you have sold me!"  Gerard Jensen (paperhanger) Peachtree City GA


" Your product certainly makes our professional lives a lot easier."

  Debby Athearn (paperhanger) West Tisbury MA


"thank goodness for  603, expect my order for more."  Tom Gerstenlauer (paperhanger) Chelsea MI


"nice day thanks to Safe & Simple" Robert Hopkins (paperhanger) Thomasville GA


"you have been extremely helpful & kind" Rich Brockway (homeowner) Clarksburg WV


"I love the 826" Patrick Osetek (Patrick's Paperhanging Co.) Palm Beach Gardens FL


"your product cut my painters removal time by 50%"

Ron McMillan Connoisseur Painting Burlington Ontario Canada


"Safe & Simple saved my day" Libbie Simonton C.P. (Beautiful Walls) Dallas TX


"removed 2 layers with 603, it worked the best" Dyann Budoff (paperhanger) Skokie IL


"your product will be always be our product of choice"

Trudy Maffioli Cascade Painting Klamath Falls OR


"use safe and simple for removal"  Charles Marcharg Scotch Paint Gardena CA


"removed some mylar with ease" Dan Childs (painter) Hanover MI